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Andrey Vinda

Andrey Vinda

Team Lead at SBTEch, Ukraine

More than 14 years of experience in the development of applications, the last three years running the team at SBTech. The main activity is the development of highly loaded APIs based on ASP.NET Core 2. In addition to .NET, I have a practical experience of using different JavaScript frameworks. Currently I lead several projects related to high-loaded APIs that are using a micro-service architecture, supporting and improving the internal search engine and back-office solution.

Speaker's activity

How to build & support high load REST API



I would like to tell the story of our experience of building the HighLoad REST API that has the following parameters:

* Intuitive.
* Scalable.
* Fault tolerant.
* Protection from attack.
* Perceptive.
* High bandwidth.

Also I would like to describe:

* how we did LoadTesting;
* how we survived a lots of DDoS attacks;
* how we did deployment without downtime.

The following list of technologies were used: .NET Core 2, ASP.NET Core 2, Consul, Fabio, Orleans.NET, Kafka, RabbitMQ, Serilog, xMetrics, Grafana, ELK.