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Yoav Abrahami

Yoav Abrahami

Head of Wix Code at Wix, Israel

Yoav Abrahami is the head of the Wix Code program at Wix. Before the Wix Code project, yoav founded the Wix App Market while acting as the Chief Architect at Wix.com. Yoav’s experties are in software development, continuous delivery, devops, performance and building developer facing products.

Speaker's activity

Future of Serverless



4 years ago, mid 2013, we have identified a gap in the cloud echo-system. The landscape of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS provides solutions for VMs, Container and Networking, platforms of different types for backend developers, Backends for mobile developers and ready made software for individuals and enterprises. What is missing in the middle is the platform for web-sites and web-apps.

4 years down the line, with the emergence of Serverless, there are still no players in this gap. We will talk about what makes a platform for web-sites and web-apps. Things frontend optimized javascript, SEO, visual builder, web methods & backend javascript as well as request time container boot.

We have built Wix Code over the last 4 years targeting this exact gap – a serverless platform for website and web applications, and so …

Wix is taking the risk of predicting the future of serverless computing and where it should be 4 years from now.