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Peter Ovchinnikov

Peter Ovchinnikov

COO at Crossroad Labs, Ukraine

Peter loves when innovations are becoming a part of our life. Thus, working closely with startups, he is bringing new approaches, new ideas and new technologies to the world. As leader of Mobile department of Crossroad Labs, he successfully released several startups, one of them (Cool Cousin) has become quite popular across the traveler’s.

Speaker's activity

FRP: What does “declarative” mean



Despite the fact that programming has been improved dramatically for last years, we’re still experiencing the same problems as 10 years ago.

Modern garbage collectors, smart pointer, thread dispatchers have made developer’s life much easier… Almost made…

Although the deadlocks, race conditions, memory leaks and random crashes occur less often than ever before, the time we waste on solving each issue is getting more and more.

In my talk, I’ll introduce different (very old actually) look at programming: the declarative paradigm. And it’s not about “how to use it properly and get the problems above rid off”. It’s about “how to think to use it properly”.

On real examples, I’ll explain how we can interpret imperatively written code into “Graph of dependencies” and then convert it to declarative FRP style. It’s not only about the “states”. It’s about sequences of operations also. I’ll introduce some patterns of asynchronous programming like Future and Stream (aka Signal) and explain how effectively they may work.