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Serhiy Kalinets

Serhiy Kalinets

Software Architect at Rails Reactor, Ukraine

Serhiy is a professional programmer and software architect living in Kyiv. Heavily advocates XP practices and strives to automate everything. TDD addict and console lover. Besides being .NET guy for years he tries to stay up to date with other technologies. Currently helps teams in Rails Reactor to build cool products.

Speaker's activity

Fear and Loathing after Production

November 12th




Remember situation when on the next day after successful release your system goes crazy as well as your stakeholders? Endless meetings with angry customers when you have no idea what is wrong with your system. You either have no logs or they are full with useless messages giving no any glue to the root cause. Your monitoring either does not exists (was planned for the next release – yeah!) or shows that everything is OK. Remember all that? I bet every developer was in similar situation or at least heard of it.

In this talk Serhiy will tell how to avoid such unpleasant life experience. What and how should be logged. Where logs should be stored. What monitoring should be in place. How codes should be written. Tools, practices and so on. Basically speaking, things that should reduce your stress and make your life happier.

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