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Dmytro Parkhomchuk

Dmytro Parkhomchuk

Senior Software Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine

I’m skilled software engineer and so insipired by DDD practices of designing enterprise apps. During recent projects I’ve been working with lousely coupled microservices using CQRS and Event soursing design patterns.

Speaker's activity

Fault tolerant event-sourcing With RDBMS



Have you ever expirienced the situation, when you’ve already persisted data in some popular RDBMS datastore, tried to send message to a message broker, but it’s unavailable at the moment? Sure, you can try to code your own infrastructure – store messages somewhere, wait for the message broker availability, etc… But in such approach you squander money of the project) In this talk I will show you more cheap and robust, in terms of development, approach for fault tolerant event sourcing with examples in C# – so you could focus on the domain of your app.