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Paul Colomiets

Paul Colomiets

Programmer at evo.company, Ukraine

Paul has been coded in Python for 10 years, now coding mostly in Rust. He is obsessive about asynchronous code and microservice-based architecture. As a part of daily job he is building containerization and orchestration systems for evo.company.

Speaker's activity

Evolution of the delivery system in evo.company

November 12th




Evo.company serves few big marketplaces in Ukraine and USSR, the biggest one is prom.ua. We are running several hundred of bare metal servers in six data centers in four countries. Currently, we are in the process of migrating our applications from the traditional setup of ubuntu packages and pythonic virtualenv to containers and our own orchestration system.

This work includes setting up continuous integration and delivery pipeline, containers, monitoring, logging. And as usual, the biggest challenge is to train our colleagues to use new stuff, to prove that it’s not a waste of time and allow more people to know how to keep systems running. In this talk, I’ll discuss both the technical and organizational challenges we are facing and how we cope with them.