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Alexander Tarasov

Alexander Tarasov

Software Engineer at OK.ru, Russia

Alexander is software engineer at one of most popular social networks Odnoklassniki. He introduced a new architecture with microservice approach and DevOps approaches in production environment in one of the largest private bank in Russia. He has more than 10 years of experience in server-side Java development and more than two years of deployment automatization, different engineering practices. He is a Docker and DevOps fan.

Speaker's activity

Everything as a Code



Development process is not finished with coding phase completion. We also need to write some kind of documentation, think about verification procedures, make sure availability and other non-functional requirements are satisfied.

We usually do things with the most familiar approach, even if it contains much manual work and not so efficient. But what if there is another radically different approach? Could we formalize all our activities and structure them as a code? What tools and practices could be used for this purpose?

In this talk Alexander is going to present his personal experience in automation of different aspects of development process.