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Eugene Krivosheyev

Eugene Krivosheyev

SkillTrek, Russia

Eugene helps Russia IT companies from TOP-50 to become more flexible and effective. He supports Agile processes from bottom to top, implementing engineering practices and good approaches to design/architecture. At the moment involved into SkillTrek project, where he trains engineers for practical skills in real-life projects.

Speaker's activity

Estimation patterns for engineering tasks. How to avoid comparison of warm with soft.

50 minutes



Estimates is one of the most difficult issues in SWE. It’s not because of lack of our competencies but complexity and non-linearity of social and software systems.
In this talk I’ll try to show why sometimes we can’t do estimate at all but sometimes we can. We’ll see the patterns of internal engineering complexity and tools to deal with it. What’s the difference of R and D and how to estimate in these contexts. So for outcome I want to give some working patterns of estimating you can take to your project rigth now.