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Kyrylo Novotarskyi

Kyrylo Novotarskyi

Software Engineer at TransferWise, UK

After getting a masters degree in Kyiv Polytech and spending a couple of years in outsourcing, moved on to work in different product companies in Ukraine, Germany and now in UK, joining the TransferWise currencies and banking team in the London office. Responsible for engineering in the EU market.

Speaker's activity

Engineering at TransferWise: the story of Service Discovery

November 12th


Lightning talk


Rather than traditional departments, TransferWise is organised into several highly autonomous teams, each focused on solving a specific business or customer problem. It’s the very essence of a lean approach – effort invested is justified by quantifiable impact.

Why do we work this way? How did it change over time? What does this mean for engineering? How does this affect our practices and our culture?

Answer can be found in this talk.