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Mykola Marzhan

Mykola Marzhan

Release Engineer at Percona, Ukraine

Mykola Marzhan has over 9 years of experience in the automation of release procedures, monitoring, development of update and deployment systems. Frequent speaker at different Linux conferences, workshops and other events, coordinator of OSDN conference, organizing committee member at LVEE conference.

Speaker's activity

DevOps: Modern Trends



A pragmatic overview of the ‘old-but-current’ and ‘new-and-uncommon’ processes, methodologies and practices in the DevOps/Release Management area. Implementation of Continuous Delivery, Value Stream Mapping, Delivery Pipeline, Continuous Testing, Infrastructure as Code, Test-Driven Infrastructure, Developer Self-Service will be reviewed. Advantages and disadvantages of cloud platforms for the DevOps process will be briefly reviewed. The second half of the talk will be focused on software upgrade strategies and the correct approach to database schema update.