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Paul Stack

Paul Stack

Software Engineer at Joyent, UK

Paul Stack is a London based infrastructure coder and has spoken at various events throughout the world about his passion for continuous integration, continuous delivery and good operational procedures and why they should be part of what developers and system administrators do on a day to day basis. He believes that reliably delivering software is more important as its development. Paul’s passions are the DevOps and Continuous Delivery movements and how they help the entire business and its customers.

Speaker's activity

Continuously delivering infrastructure to the cloud



Building infrastructure in the cloud is a different paradigm to that of physical data centers. The infrastructure we deploy today has no guarantee to be there tomorrow. You therefore need to change how you design infrastructure.

In this talk, Paul will look at some real world examples of how to deploy infrastructure to the cloud that self heals and is scalable to withstand 3rd party provider outages. This should help you think about ways to avoid that 4am pager alert.