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Vadim Homchik

Vadim Homchik

CTO at Alconost, Inc., Belarus

CTO, Enterprise Architect, Software Engineer, Technical Consultant. Over 13 years of experience in software development. His core interests include software architecture and business processes automation. Loves to solve unusual technical problems and eliminate bottlenecks. Always in constant search for new approaches and technologies. Has extensive development experience with the use of Java, Node.js and Go. He also acts as inspirer of applying Agile practices in software localization (continuous localization).

Speaker's activity

Continuous Delivery with Drone



Hi! My name is Vadim and my presentation will cover a rather young but very promising Continuous Delivery platform named Drone. I will also share some experience of using the platform in our company. The project has already outranked Jenkins on GitHub and is currently under active development. The main features of the platform, that are available out-of-the-box include the following:

* Each build step is completely isolated and is executed in a separate Docker container;
* Pipeline as a code approach (no need to install dependencies and configure CI-server manually);
* Language-agnostic plugins to extend the platform functionality.