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Victor Polischuk

Victor Polischuk

Tech Lead at Infopulse, Ukraine

Java technical leader at Infopulse Ukraine. Production experience counts 15 years including about 13 years of Java development. Expert in Java and JavaScript. Smartass.

Speaker's activity

Common sense DevOps… or how we evolve in 4 years

November 12th




All of us would like to keep our infrastructure as simple but smart as it is humanly possible. Simplicity is required so we understand and can support it. However, it has to be smart enough to keep complex things under the hood. Moreover we do want to forget about its existence and focus on other tasks. So do I.

I would like to share my experience how we build our infrastructure from scratch with the challenges to overcome as well as the evolution of the view on the infrastructure after 4 years of real experience.

A lot of scripting, silly mistakes, and great achievements which can help you to survive in a hostile environment of bloody enterprise.