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Steve Pereira

Steve Pereira

CTO at Statflo, Canada

Steve is an 18 year tech veteran specializing in software delivery and operations. From tech support to IT management and current focus on large scale cloud and developer workflow, he’s worked with and consulted enterprises and startups in areas like automation, continuous delivery, scale and web operations.

Steve is the CTO of Statflo, using data analytics to improve wireless carrier retail. He runs Toronto’s monthly DevOps and OpenStack meetups, the DevOps Days Toronto conference. He runs devopschecklist.com, one of the leading maturity measures for DevOps competency.

In his free time he enjoys adventure travel, team sports, and dark, mysterious beer.

Speaker's activity

A DevOps pipeline

November 11th




A guided tour of using Docker and other best-of-breed tools to deliver quality code from developers to production in a fast and scalable process. What does a modern pipeline look like in the context of Docker?

We’ll cover:

  • the state of the ecosystem
  • tools of the trade
  • process overview
  • key automations
  • integrations and hosting
  • deployment, operations and scaling
  • working with Docker without losing your mind 🙂

Target audience: new and intermediate engineers working with/interested in Docker.