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Dmytro Voloshyn

Dmytro Voloshyn

CTO at Preply, Ukraine

Dmytro has been working as a developer for over a decade and combines a solid background in programming with marketing experience. From 2012 Dmytro, as a technical co-founder of Preply.com, is changing the global landscape of education by making personalized tutoring affordable and accessible for everyone. His CTO position at Preply allows Dmytro to fully realize his entrepreneurial potential and technical skills.

Speaker's activity

100 deploys per day



At Preply we have adopted the culture of quick iterations as a central part of our delivery process. The approach impacted both developers’ culture and organization’s ability to deliver value to the end customers.

This talk will be focused around the evolution we went through with our delivery approach, and the benefits and challenges daily releases have thrown up. We will also discuss tooling around daily releases(CI/CD tools, logging, monitoring), infrastructure(k8s, aws) and the best practices(feature switchers, architecture, ab/testing).

We will also share insights on the role of the performance optimizations to make daily releases viable.