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Conference program

At the moment conference program is forming and we invite speakers with interesting experience in engineering practices, architecture or DevOps topics. The final version of the conference program will be published on October 12th. If you have any questions related to the program and talk submission please send them to review@xpdays.com.ua.

Detailed schedule

Stage A 400 seats Stage B 200 seats Stage C 200 seats
9:00 9:45 Registration, welcome coffee
9:45 10:00 Conference opening
10:00 10:45 Changing The Game: Leveraging Game Theory to Transform Your IT Organization

Kevin Crawley (Developer Advocate at Instana, USA)


Running MySQL on Kubernetes

Mykola Marzhan (Director of Server Engineering at Percona, Ukraine)
Low Latency Data Processing in the Era of Serverless

Nazarii Cherkas (Cloud Developer at Hazelcast, Ukraine)
10:45 11:05 Break
11:05 11:50 Effectiveness tips from Kubernetes trenches by Captain Obvious

Mikalai Alimenkou (Independent Consultant at XP Injection, Ukraine)
Can TypeScript really make infrastructure management easy?

Paul Stack (Staff Software Engineer at Pulumi, Lithuania)


Fault tolerant event-sourcing With RDBMS

Dmytro Parkhomchuk (Senior Software Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine)
11:50 12:10 Break
12:10 12:55 Premature automatization

Vsevolod Poliakov (Independent Consultant, Ukraine)
First secret delivery for modern cloud-native applications

Vladlen Fedosov (Director of R&D at Namecheap, Ukraine)
Zero-downtime deployment with Kubernetes, Spring Boot and Flyway

Nicolas Fränkel (Developer Advocate at Hazelcast, Switzerland)


12:55 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:45 Lego from Containers

Serhiy Kalinets (System Architect в Playtika, Ukraine)
Support as a service for development. United we stand.

Yuliia Bentsa (Technical support team lead at Tonic Health, Ukraine)
Tracing for Java Developers

Philipp Krenn (Developer Advocate at Elastic, Austria)


14:45 15:05 Break
15:05 15:50 Seven Cloud Sins of DevOps

Taras Slipets (Senior Software Engineer at FlixTech Mobility GmbH, Germany)
Securing applications and infrastructure with Vault

Paul Stack (Staff Software Engineer at Pulumi, Lithuania)


In search of Domain-Driven-Design in the world of microservices

Anuar Nurmakanov (Lead Software Engineer at EPAM, Kazakhstan)
15:50 16:20 Coffee break
16:20 17:05 Discovery on Terra Incognita

Yevgen Mospan (Solution Architecht at EPAM, Ukraine)
Javatar declarative pipeline for continuous-delivery – Jenkins pipeline shared library

Borys Zora (Architect at Javatar LLC)
Serhii Petrychenko (Software Architect at Golden Dimension, Ukraine)
Observability – the good, the bad and the ugly

Aleksandr Tavgen (Software Architect at Playtech, Estonia)
17:05 17:25 Break
17:25 18:10 Joining the Mob

Torrey Powell (Sr. Director of Software Engineering at Clearlink, USA)


Building a security program at Grammarly. Integrating security in product development.

Dmitry Tiagulskyi (Tech Lead at Grammarly, Ukraine)
I am testing my micro-services and let others test theirs

Viktor Polishchuk (Software Developer at Wix, Ukraine)
18:10 18:30 Whisky party
18:30 19:30 Need for testers is a lie

Sergii Zaskaleta (Project Manager at EPAM, Ukraine)
BOF: Kubernetes operators: What? When? How?

Volodymyr Tsap (CTO at Shalb, Ukraine)
Igor Borodin (SRE at Dreamteam, Ukraine)
Stanislav Kolenkin (Senior Software Engineer at SoftServe, Ukraine)
Mykola Marzhan (Director of Server Engineering at Percona, Ukraine)
DataKernel : Mastering Ukrainian highload framework

Alexander Syrotenko (Performance Software Engineer at AdKernel, Ukraine)
19:40 20:30 Whisky party

Stage A 400 seats Stage B 200 seats Stage C 200 seats
9:00 9:45 Welcome coffee
9:45 10:00 Opening of the second day
10:00 10:45 100 deploys per day

Dmytro Voloshyn (CTO at Preply, Ukraine)
Why startups need SRE practices

Aleksei Andreev (SRE / Go engineer at Prisma Labs, Russia)
Build optimization mechanisms in Gitlab and Docker

Dmytro Patkovskyi (Software Engineer at Grammarly, Ukraine)
10:45 11:05 Break
11:05 11:50 Cowboy dating with Big Data or evolution of data platform in action

Boris Trofimov (Big Data Competence Lead at Sigma Software, Ukraine)
What we’ve learned once processed first 150k production incidents

Matvey Kukuy (CEO at Amixr.IO, Russia)
Kubernetes vs DCOS

Ihor Khlaponin (Software Engineer at Luxoft, Ukraine)
Ivan Zhuravel (Software Engineer at Luxoft, Ukraine)
11:50 12:10 Break
12:10 12:55 The movement steps to the high-load tolerant and scalable infrastructure based on the AWS and Kubernetes

Ievgen Demchenko (Head of Engineering at Homelike Internet GmbH, Germany)
Self-healing in prod do you really need AI for that?

Yaroslav Molochko (Head of Engineering at Pango, Ukraine)
The Zen of logging. How to face the worst day of your life.

Eugene Safonov (Senior Software Engineer at Terrasoft, Ukraine)
12:55 14:00 Lunch
14:00 14:45 Complex Application Design

Orkhan Gasimov (Senior Consultant at GlobalLogic, Ukraine)
Practical GitOps on Kubernetes with ArgoCD

Igor Borodin (Infrastructure Janitor at Dreamteam, Ukraine)
How to build & support high load REST API

Andrey Vinda (Team Lead at SBTEch, Ukraine)
14:45 15:05 Break
15:05 15:50 30 minutes to Prod

Vasyl Strutynskyi (R&D Director at Playtika, Ukraine)
How to build a large clusters in GKE/On-Prem

Stanislav Kolenkin (Senior Software Engineer at SoftServe, Ukraine)
Consul: Service Mesh

Maksym Vlasov (DevOps Engineer at Thomas Cook, Ukraine)
15:50 16:10 Break
16:10 16:55 Saga about distributed business transactions in microservices world

Mikalai Alimenkou (Independent Consultant at XP Injection, Ukraine)
Site Reliability Engineering: How-to

Yegor Chumakov (Solutions Architect at EPAM, Ukraine)
The value of observability in production microservice ecosystem

Maksym Govorischev (Chief Software Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine)
16:55 17:15 Conference closing

Program committee