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Refactoring Legacy Сode

Refactoring Legacy Сode

Abstract: Every programmer has to face legacy code day after day. It might be ugly, it might look scary, it can make a grown man cry. Some will throw it away and try rewriting everything from scratch. Most of them will fail.

Refactoring legacy code is a much better idea. It is not so scary when you take it in very small bites, introduce small changes, add unit tests. When code is refactored and unit tests are added, changes to functinality can be introduced.

We will take an open source C# project and will refactor it showing step-by-step examples of the techniques. This session is full of tips and tricks you can start applying immediately. Although the code is in C#, the same principles can be applied in any language.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Dmytro Mindra

Dmytro Mindra

Unity Technologies, Ukraine

Dmytro holds the position of Software Development Engineer in Test at Unity Technologies. He is one of the Toolsmiths who are developing tools for test automation. Prior to joining Unity, Dmytro has worked for Microsoft and Lohika. He is a frequent speaker at various conferences and User Group meetings.