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A=F(?): How lack of common sense kills projects

A=F(?): How lack of common sense kills projects

Abstract: We are happy to start new projects but soon we become sad because of lots of design errors. Why do we make architecture and design errors in very clear cases? Why our design soon become crap? In this talk I’ll show one of the error-prone approach – formal design process not based on common sense. The sad thing is that we often use it. The good thing is that we can rethink design to more agile and sober way. The main thing of this talk is that design is constraint-driven and you should consider real-life ones. So long live your system and business!
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Eugene Krivosheyev

Eugene Krivosheyev

SkillTrek, Russia

Eugene helps Russia IT companies from TOP-50 to become more flexible and effective. He supports Agile processes from bottom to top, implementing engineering practices and good approaches to design/architecture. At the moment involved into SkillTrek project, where he trains engineers for practical skills in real-life projects.


You can find slides here.