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A Database story by DevOps

A Database story by DevOps

Abstract: There are many systems where Database plays central role for business operations. More often than not performance and maintainability of your “Main” database is key factor of success of your business. In order to deploy DevOps culture in your organization you need to Trust your developers and give them access to Production Database. Developers could find great insights in database metrics so you would have opportunity to improve both performance and maintainability dramatically for moderate costs.
I am going to talk about catching and solving problems in Production Databases – how to increase performance and decrease costs in long time perspective. The talk is based on experience we’ve received in Production.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Anton Martynenko

Anton Martynenko

YouScan, Ukraine

Running Technical Operations at Youscan: Production monitoring, security, hosting & real time metrics. Virtual environments, automated releases, integration tests, build pipeline, artifact repository, configuration management and other tricks to support operations and rapid development cycles. Using .NET platform, Windows Azure, Amazon AWS, SQL Server and getting fun while implementation of business ideas around Social Media monitoring.