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How not to run a Code Review

How not to run a Code Review

Abstract: Almost everyone who works with agile software engineering practices is aware of Code Review, and most of you already had a chance to participate in such kind of acitivities. Unfortunately very few people realize that Code Reviews is not only an approach of making the architecture and code better, but also important communication point between peers, where ones judge and others get judged.

Teams which don’t follow the basic rules of efficient communication and problem solving during Сode Reviews, have a high risk of being affected by issues, which can lately ruin their team attitude and even personal relations between the colleagues.

Having faced with such negative experiences, I’ve collected a plenty of bad practices running a Code Review and asked my colleagues about their emotions after being “code reviewed” in unproper way.

With all of that we’ll try to understand the most dangerous pitfalls of weak Code Reviews, their influences on team morale and will also leave some place for your experiences with this approach from your side. As a result you’ll have a clear idea about how no to run a Code Review and avoid personal issues in your daily work.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Viktor Malyi

Viktor Malyi

Garmin Deutschland, Germany

Having a passion of helping the people to deliver better software, I’ve been involved into various software testing and quality assurance activities since 2008. In parallel I’ve co-organized QA Dnepropetrovsk Community which helps software testing professionals to exhange their professional knowledge and experience. I’m also actively participating in evolving the local software testing community of Main-Rhein region in Germany and attracting the IT-students to the world of software testing.