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Busting TDD myths

Busting TDD myths

Abstract: Test Driven Development remains to be a hot discussion topic for years. It can be compared to religion with its adepts, heretics, different confessions and atheists. And like with any religion it has its own myths and legends.

  • Does TDD slows down development speed?
  • Are mocks evil?
  • Can one get 100% code coverage?

On this session Serhiy will either bust or confirm those and other myths basing on his experience as developer and engineering practices coach. Session is technology agnostic. Experience with TDD is not required.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Serhiy Kalinets

Serhiy Kalinets

Sigma Software, Ukraine

Sergey is a professional programmer and software architect living in Kyiv. Heavily advocates XP practices and strives to automate everything. TDD addict and console lover.Besides being .NET guy for years he tries to stay up to date with other technologies. Currently helps teams in Sigma Software to build cool products.


You could find slides here.