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Quality Built In

Quality Built In

Abstract: Most of the people think that quality in software development is limited to manual testing on the latest stage before releasing a product. That might be true 20 years ago in the industrial era. But current world is much more dynamic than before. Time to market became the most crucial metric nowadays. Releasing code to production need to be done faster and faster. How to maintain quality on a sufficient level in this fast paced environment? How to find a time to work on quality improvements? Those are two main questions I want to answer during this talk. Do not expect a silver bullet or even receipt to success. But definitely expect a lot of information about continuous delivery/deployment/improvements with a case studies and lessons we learned at Spotify.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Andrey Dzynia

Andrey Dzynia

Spotify, Sweden

Being passionate hacking out with his first personal computer Andrii decided to start his career as software tester. Within years worked on various projects with different product complexities, from small mobile startups to large Enterprise programs. Tried himself in different roles, such as: software tester, test automator, scrum master, team leader, test consultant. As well as initiatives: speaker, trainer, conference organiser, blogger. Currently working at Spotify with focus on improving development productivity of agile teams applying engineering practices in order to minimise delivery cycle and improve product quality.