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The infrastructure of modern AngularJS web applications

The infrastructure of modern AngularJS web applications

Abstract: AngularJS today is one of the most powerful, user-friendly and popular JS frameworks to work on webapplications. Surprisingly, one of the main weaknesses of this framework is poorly structured documentation and the lack of ready-made solutions. In this report, we will try to work out the best approach to the organization of large and very large applications. We will also speak about the tools that will be useful at every stage of the application development and tools and practices that will help you to work in the continuous delivery mode.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Andrey Alpert

Andrey Alpert

DataArt, Ukraine

Andrey joined DataArt in 2012 as a Front End Developer. He actively conducts specialized seminars and trainings. Developer with more than eight years of experience in web dedicated technologies. Also has experience in development of single page adds with full stack. Practices software quality assurance; PHP-based projects development; MySQL database design; HTML layout; projects support.