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Materials 2014

Conference materials

We will publish on this page slides, photo reports, feedback from participants and recorded video.

Feedback from participants

Photo reports

Slides and video

First conference day (December 5th)

Stage A (300 seats) Stage B (150 seats)
9:009:45 Registration, welcome coffee
9:4510:00 Conference opening
10:0010:50 Building a micro-services architecture with smart use cases

Sander Hoogendoorn (Netherlands)
New life inside monolithic application

Taras Matyashovskyy (Ukraine)
10:5011:00 Break
11:0011:50 The responsible developer

Thomas Sundberg (Sweden)
Writing clean and DRY code for executable specifications

Vagif Abilov (Norway)
11:5012:00 Break
12:0012:50 Open Decision in Architectural Evolution

Austin Bingham (Norway)
Continuous Development Pipeline

Izzet Mustafaiev (Ukraine)
13:0014:30 Lunch break
14:3015:20 Why testing take so much time?

Mikalai Alimenkou (Ukraine)
Automation testing of responsive design

Alexey Zvolinskiy (Ukraine)
15:2015:30 Break
15:3016:20 Quality of the product team

Dmitriy Yefimenko (Ukraine)
A=F(?): How lack of common sense kills projects

Eugene Krivosheyev (Russia)
16:2017:00 Coffee break
17:0017:50 The Primacy of Testability

Austin Bingham (Norway)
How not to run a Code Review

Viktor Malyi (Germany)
17:5018:00 Closing of the first day
18:0020:00 Whiskey party

Second conference day (December 6th)

Stage A (300 seats) Stage B (150 seats)
9:009:45 Welcome coffee
9:4510:00 Opening of the second day
10:0010:50 Practical Considerations for Microservice Architectures (part 1)

Sam Newman (UK)
Refactoring Legacy Сode

Dmytro Mindra (Ukraine)
10:5011:00 Break
11:0011:50 Practical Considerations for Microservice Architectures (part 2)

Sam Newman (UK)
The infrastructure of modern AngularJS web applications

Andrey Alpert (Ukraine)
11:5012:00 Break
12:0012:50 Continious Delivery for a complicated product

Dmitriy Yefimenko (Ukraine)
Writing tests: practical guidelines including patterns, anti-patterns and best practices

Dmitriy Shekhovtsov (Ukraine)
13:0014:30 Lunch break
14:3015:20 Quality Built In

Andrey Dzynia (Sweden)
A Database story by DevOps

Anton Martynenko (Ukraine)
15:2015:30 Break
15:3016:20 How we testing our software “Google way”

Oleksiy Rezchykov (Ukraine)
Legacy projects: how to win the race

Victor Polischuk (Ukraine)
16:2017:00 Coffee break
17:0017:50 Beyond breaking bad. The current state of agile in ten easy lessons

Sander Hoogendoorn (Netherlands)
Busting TDD myths

Serhiy Kalinets (Ukraine)
17:5018:10 Conference closing