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XP in the real world

XP in the real world

Abstract: When you are developing a cross platform game engine used by more than 2 millions of game developers worldwide, you should be using the best practices available. This talk is about XP practices that people in Unity use to deliver Unity3D game engine to the market. The topics that are covered in this talk:

  • pair programming
  • code review
  • collaboration in distributed teams
  • continuous integration
  • testing and test automation

This talk is for everyone who is interested how XP is used in the real world.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Dmytro Mindra

Dmytro Mindra

Unity Technologies, Ukraine

SDET at Unity Technologies and active Odessa .NET User Group member. Dmytro has been developing commercial software for almost a decade, and he has an in-depth knowledge of software development practices and techniques. In his own words: “Programming is my hobby, my profession, my calling, my art. It is the world without boundaries, without physical limitations. It is the world where only your fantasy is the limit.” Dmytro often speaks at Odessa .Net User Group meetings and various conferences.

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