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Automated Test Hell – Our Journey

Automated Test Hell – Our Journey

Abstract: Almost 2 years ago we faced the fact that we are hitting the wall with our large scale automated testing of Atlassian JIRA – the product we have been developing in agile way for almost a decade. The cost of running and maintaining them was growing exponentially. We analysed the problems and possible solutions and started the improvement program. Since then we’ve implemented a lot of significant changes and learnt new quite unexpected things.

This session shows the findings from our journey – escaping from Test Hell – back to the (almost) normality. If you are interested in hearing what problems you can (and probably will) face if you have thousands of automated tests on on levels of abstractions (functional, integration, unit, UI, performance) across multiple platforms and what solutions can be applied to remedy them – this presentation is for you.

You will learn that there are no sacred cows and your biggest problems may be hidden everywhere – including the least suspected place.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: English
Wojciech Seliga

Wojciech Seliga

Spartez, Poland

Wojciech Seliga is a seasoned software developer and entrepreneur. He started coding 30 years ago when he was a kid and since then has witnessed various waves, hypes and fashions in our industry. For almost 10 years he has been responsible for fostering agile practices in the development and business alike, managing and staffing software projects and mentoring.

Currently he runs a company he co-founded – Spartez – which partners with Atlassian on developing their core products. He is one of the leaders responsible for JIRA – one of the most popular issue tracker in the world.

Wojciech was presenting at many international conferences including Agile, AgileEE, Devoxx, GeeCon, Javarsovia/Confitura, 33rd Degree, Atlassian Summit, AtlasCamp, AgileByExample, GeeCon, InfoSHARE and smaller technical/business events in Poland and abroad.