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Living in the cloud without system administrators

Living in the cloud without system administrators

Abstract: This talk is an experience report describing Bitrix’s path from a software development company to a cloud service provider serving tens of thousands of companies: what goals we set for stability, how we support and expand all of our cloud infrastructure, how we withstand crises, and how we standardize and automate our operations using convenient tools and the cloud API.
Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Alexander Demidov

Alexander Demidov

1C-Bitrix, Russia

Alexander Demidov is a head of SaaS and rented solutions department in “1C-Bitrix”. Alexander is responsible for the creation and development of the company’s products offered to customers on the SaaS model, also he is responsible for interaction with hosting partners.

Prior to joining “1C-Bitrix” in 2010, Alexander worked for over 8 years in “Zenon N.S.P.” – one of the oldest companies at the Russian hosting market (Head of technical support department, then – CEO). Alexander began his professional IT career in 1998 in the paging company “Continental” (Chief Engineer, Head of Internet Projects).

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