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Legacy code: Development and Maintenance

Legacy code: Development and Maintenance

Abstract: Long-lasting SW is goal of all SW development, it indicates that product is successful and probably widely used. But long life brings it own problems and has dramatic influence on developing process. This speech will provide you some highlights on how to deal with legacy code and what should be remembered starting new SW product that is targeted for long life.

Legacy code here, is source code inherited from an older version of the software. My experience with legacy code based on big embedded project in Minspeed, and latest huge project in Xyratex (Lustre FS). I will highlight such topics: how to support and develop legacy code; how to deal with defect escapes; process for Sustaining; quality maintaining and relation to development.

Format: Lighting talk (10 minutes)
Language: English
Denis Kondratenko

Denis Kondratenko

Xyratex/Infopulse, Ukraine

More than 10 years in SW development and support. Embedded, Cloud computing, HPC. Took part Mindspeed Technologies project in Developer/Team Lead/Release Manager roles. Now works in Xyratex project in Sustaining Lead role with main responsibility of process development for Sustaining.