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Building deployment pipeline: DevOps way

Building deployment pipeline: DevOps way

Abstract: When we are working on any software project main goal is not only to develop it using XP and other good practices, but to delivery it to end users. So in this case we should build pipeline from customer idea to end user satisfaction. This means that we can in short time period develop, test and deploy new features, like good factories. And as a good factory we should build great deployment pipeline, that can serve our needs and goals. Existing approach is to apply DevOps way that is known as CAMS:

  • Culture
  • Automation
  • Measurement
  • Sharing

So in my talk I will show which practices and tools team can use to build their own deployment pipeline.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Andrey Rebrov

Andrey Rebrov

ScrumTrek, Russia

Started IT career as software developer in Magenta Development. After graduating worked as Senior Java Developer in Luxoft, UBS Investment Bank Departmant with goals not only development, but also agile process improvement, team coordination, test automation and etc. Beside of that joined Luxoft Agile Practice and provided agile consulting service. At the moment works in ScrumTrek team as coach and consultant and now help russian companies improve and transform their product development process making focus on engineering practcies as TDD, ATDD, AFT, Refactoring, Continuous Deployment and etc. Moreover in 2012 Andrey founded Russian Software Craftsmanship Community, which goal is popularization and knowledge/experience sharing between software engineers. He facilitates different meetings and activities such as Code&Coffee, Coding Dojos, etc.

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