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Definition of Quality

Definition of Quality

Abstract: When you sit into the taxi, you don’t usually ask to ‘take you home’. When you come to a cafe, you don’t ask for ‘some liquid’. Then why so many teams declare that they want to produce ‘qualitative’ software, without defining measurable quality standards?

In this talk I’m going to tell about:

  • different software quality metrics
  • when to use them, and when not
  • how to introduce them with motivation instead of bureaucracy

The talk is designed for project managers, product owners and development team leads.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Natalya Rukol

Natalya Rukol

Quality Lab, Russia

Natalya is an expert in quality management area. She participated in such projects as Acronis True Image, Kaspersky Internet Security, Paragon Partition Manager, LynxOS. She managed testing teams from 1 to 40 testers and projects from 1 to 480 person/months. For the last 4 years she works as a quality adviser and coach in Quality Lab.