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Code Structural Analysis

Code Structural Analysis

Abstract: Software developers spend most of their time working with code on literal level. Unfortunately, vast amount of design flaws hides behind hundreds of interrelated packages, classes and methods, destroying your system deliberately. Code structural analysis is a vital discipline for keeping application architecture in predictable and manageable state.

In “Code Structural Analysis” Eduards will supply you with knowledge necessary to manage complexity of your logical design from theoretical, practical and tooling perspectives.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Eduards Sizovs

Eduards Sizovs

4finance, Latvia

Eduards Sizovs is an experienced software engineer specialising on building well-crafted software with strong focus on design elegance. Full compliance with [Buzzword]-Driven-Development and Continuous-[Buzzword] practices.

Being a Chief Software Architect in 4finance since 2012, Eduards has been responsible for building a premier kick-ass financial platform speaking Java, running in the form of 15+ products around the globe.

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