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Enterprise Provisioning with Chocolatey

Enterprise Provisioning with Chocolatey

Abstract: Deployment automation became so popular that you’ll unlikely work on the project without it. But when it comes to OS configuration, installing tools and supplementary frameworks, many people just setup everything manually because they’ll probably do it just once or twice.

The same for goes for setting up development workstation or virtual machine for reproducing issues – it may take multiple hours to do it manually: find the required frameworks and tools, download the right versions, set corporate license details and import configuration files.

One thing which is usually left without attention is that automation is not just about repeating stuff thousand times. Server deployment scripts can also replace some documentation, provide a very convenient way to create identical environment, and can be easily used to scale-out in future.

This talk is about the ways to automate development environment setup as well as server provisioning. I’ll show the tools, typical use cases, tips & tricks learned during implementation. After this presentation you’ll bootstrap your next development machine in one click!

Format: Lighting talk (10 minutes)
Language: Russian
Alexander Doroshenko

Alexander Doroshenko

Sitecore, Ukraine

Sitecore Developer with 5 years of experience, blogger, ALM & DevOps Enthusiast. Current position of Alexander is all about applying Agile & XP practices in Scrum teams. Also he spends some time developing Application Lifecycle Management infrastructure inside the department.