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Injecting ATDD or Why Test Automator Role is Dead

Injecting ATDD or Why Test Automator Role is Dead

Abstract: Acceptance Test Driven Development is a well known software development approach that has synonyms like BDD and Specification by Example. That is build on top of TDD practice where you supposed to think and write test first, but on the Acceptance level. Acceptance it’s something that you are going to present to stakeholders at the end of development iteration.

During the contract involvement with one of my client we went thru a journey of implementing this process for the development team. ATDD as a process required mentality switch not just for the developers but for testers and business people as well.

During the presentation I’m going to show the mistakes we did during the phrase of implementation of the process and what worked, what not for our context.

Format: Talk (50 minutes)
Language: Russian
Andrey Dzynia

Andrey Dzynia

Ciklum, Ukraine

Expert in QA and testing automation. Speaker of many local and international conferences. During professional career gained practical experience with wide set of tools and techniques for software testing automation. Andrey implemented many successful testing strategies for commercial produces, that are still live. Also he is interested in personal effectiveness and software testing community in Ukraine. One of the organizers and founder of Testing Dojo in Ukraine and Ukrainian Testing Days conference, trainer of XP Injection training center.