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Conference materials 2013

We will publish on this page slides, photo reports, feedback from participants and recorded video.

Feedback from participants

Photo reports

Slides and video

First conference day (October 11)

Stage A (300 seats) Stage B (150 seats)
9:009:45 Registration, welcome coffee
9:4510:00 Conference opening
10:0010:50 Architecting for Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime

Axel Fontaine (Germany)
Code Structural Analysis

Eduards Sizovs (Latvia)
10:5011:00 Break
11:0011:50 Mikado Method

Ola Ellnestam (Sweden)
TDD with Spock or how to bring Groovy to your enterprise Java project

Izzet Mustafaiev (Ukraine)
11:5012:00 Break
12:0012:50 Extreme Programming practices for your team

Paweł Lipiński (Poland)
Agile development of enterprise database code with LiquiBase

Andrei Solntsev (Estonia)
13:0014:30 Lunch break
14:3015:20 Definition of Quality

Natalya Rukol (Russia)
Continuous Delivery

Mikalai Alimenkou (Ukraine)
15:2015:30 Break
15:3016:20 Automated Test Hell – Our Journey

Wojciech Seliga (Poland)
Living in the cloud without system administrators

Alexander Demidov (Russia)
16:2017:00 Coffee break
17:0018:30 One man, a whiteboard and three markers. Sander on software architecture and patterns

Sander Hoogendoorn (Netherlands)
TDD secrets in live cyber-dojo session

Jon Jagger (UK)
18:3018:40 Closing of the first day

Second conference day (October 12)

Stage A (300 seats) Stage B (150 seats)
9:009:45 Welcome coffee
9:4510:00 Opening of the second day
10:0010:50 Injecting ATDD or Why Test Automator Role is Dead

Andrey Dzynia (Ukraine)
DevOps Engineering in real-time

Andriy Samilyak (Ukraine)
10:5011:00 Break
11:0011:50 Lighting talks

Mikalai Alimenkou (Ukraine)
Oleksiy Rezchykov (Ukraine)
Andrey Alpert (Ukraine)
Alexander Doroshenko (Ukraine)
Denis Kondratenko (Ukraine)
Efficient coding in IntelliJ IDEA

Nikolay Chashnikov (Russia)
11:5012:00 Break
12:0012:50 eXtreme Banking

Vadim Gerasimov and Andrei Solntsev (Estonia)
Building deployment pipeline: DevOps way

Andrey Rebrov (Russia)
13:0014:30 Lunch break
14:3015:20 Best Practices for Continuous Integration Setup

Michael Kuzmin and Nikita Skvortsov (Russia)
Architecture and Design Validation in .Net

Akim Boyko (Ukraine)
15:2015:30 Break
15:3016:20 XP in the real world

Dmytro Mindra (Ukraine)
TDD for database related code, how is it possible?

Mikalai Alimenkou (Ukraine)
16:2017:00 Coffee break
17:0017:50 How frameworks can kill your projects and patterns to prevent you from getting killed

Sander Hoogendoorn (Netherlands)
XP fun

Sergey Kalinets (Ukraine)
17:5018:10 Conference closing