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Testability for developers: Fighting a mess by making it testable

Testability for developers: Fighting a mess by making it testable

Описание: The average system in the wild may exhibit properties that don’t play well with good development and testing practices. For such systems, just running them becomes a challenge, not to mention making them testable.

Working with such systems is demoralizing, because there’s no way to prevent regressions from happening and changes that should take hours take weeks. This is a tale of such a system, and how it got cleaned up by letting the test automation process drive the change. When setting up a test that would verify that a user can log in, we realized that the system couldn’t even be deployed. The game was on!

This session covers an actual case of attacking a legacy system by steering it towards a state in which it could be tested automatically. The challenges encountered were solved using techniques that are normally applied when implementing continuous delivery and test automation.

Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Alexander Tarnowski

Alexander Tarnowski

Stockholm, Sweden

Alexander Tarnowski is a developer, who’s passionate about craftsmanship, quality, and testing. He has more than a decade of experience in software development, while having worked in related fields such as architecture, project management, and testing. Over the past few years, he has been working with various aspects of test automation and activities that nowadays are grouped under the umbrella of continuous delivery. He runs a book review site and has appeared on a couple of Swedish and international conferences.

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