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TDD in the real world: Test driving Java web applications

TDD in the real world: Test driving Java web applications

Описание: “Okay,” you say, “I see how TDD can work for your toy example. But it can’t possibly work for a real application where we have to deal with web pages, databases, http and dynamic html.” Actually, TDD works really well in real world situations like those on just your project. In this practical talk, I will demonstrate how to write tests for a full stack web application. I will show you what types of tests are useful, how to write them, and what libraries are available to help you.

If you have tried TDD or thought about trying TDD, but been unable to apply it to real world applications, this talk is for you.

Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Johannes Brodwall

Johannes Brodwall

Oslo Area, Norway

Johannes Brodwall is a solution architect by day and a test-infected Java programmer by night. He discovered extreme programming more than ten years ago and has been trying to practice test-driven development, continuous integration and pair programming ever since. In his architecture work, he aims for the least amount of architecture, so that the architecture is both easy to communicate, to learn, and to change. Johannes works as lead architect and architect mentor on projects both small and large in the Norwegian public sector.

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