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Continuous Inspection with Sonar

Continuous Inspection with Sonar

Описание: The Job of a developer has evolved strongly in the last 10 years, pushed by new requirements and new tools. Software Development Industry has now reached a sufficient level of maturity to engage into a new practice to manage source code quality while running projects : Continuous Inspection. This practice is supported by Sonar as Continuous Integration is supported by Hudson. Continuous Inspection enables developer to fight back the temptation of the seven deadly sins of the developer. Sonar enables to declare war to those sins.
Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Olivier Gaudin

Olivier Gaudin

Geneva Area, Switzerland

Olivier Gaudin is co-founder and CEO of SonarSource, the company that develops and promotes the open source platform Sonar to manage source code quality. Olivier started his carea in London, working on trading systems in the banking industry. He then managed IT for a startup, ran big projects such as off-shoring, CMMi and ran support and development departments. Olivier has developed a strong sensibility to robustness of processes and quality of delivery. In 2007, Olivier starts contributing to Sonar and decides with Simon Brandhof and Freddy Mallet to setup SonarSource, the company that develops and promotes Sonar while growing some business around the platform.

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