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Agile Design

Описание: Software design is a tricky thing. Depending on a team and a project management method it may mean different things. Some teams do detailed design, with lots of UML diagrams and discussions on design patterns. Others say that TDD is enough and the proper design should emerge during the work. During the presentation I will show a blend of these that works for me. I will tell you when do I do up-front design, what kind of patterns do I choose, when do I rely on TDD only, and how I try to mix these approaches to make both my work and the software design agile.
Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Paweł Lipiński

Paweł Lipiński

Warsaw Area, Poland

A programmer with over 13 years of professional experience, solution architect, team coach and trainer in agile processes and practices. Frequent speaker on Java and Agile conferences. Co-creator of Agile Warsaw group. Author of tumbler-glass, a BDD framework for Java. For over 2 years leads a software house in Warsaw called Pragmatists, this way he’s realising and verifying what he talks about.

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