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Testing in the Land of the Startup

Описание: Songkick is a web based music startup which operates in a new market place full of unknowns, developing a free service. Focusing on user experience as one of the most critical features of the product. Continuously iterating and experimenting with features based on user observations and metrics. Unusually we adopted Acceptance tests (with Cucumber) and BDD while still in the early startup phase. Having spent more than 2 years growing our system and learning the pain points both technically and culturally we have lots of interesting lessons we would like to share about startups and testing.
Тип выступления: Доклад (50 минут)
Joseph Wilk

Joseph Wilk

London, UK

Joseph Wilk is a coder, a tester, a teacher and a member of the core development team for Cucumber. He has been working with the web for over a decade in both big and small companies and as an entrepreneur. After stints working with Java in big enterprises he escaped to Ruby and startups. Since then he has become a regular speaker talking about about his experiences in testing and startups at conferences all over the world. He spends his time in-between eating Cucumbers and consulting, working at Songkick.com. Having more fun than is healthy building web systems and working on open source projects. He suffers from test obsession and has given up hope of any treatment.

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