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Bare bones Software Architecture

Мастер-класс “Bare bones Software Architecture”

Целевая аудитория

Software architects and developers who are interested in architecture.

!!! Внимание !!! Мастер-класс проводится на английском языке!

Описание мастер-класса

What is “enough” architecture? A project can struggle both because of too little architectural work and because of too much. If you’re without a map in the wilderness, you’re sure to get lost. But at the same time, if you’re looking a building plan when you’re trying to get from one city to another, you’re equally lost (plus, you’ve wasted a lot of time coming up with all the confusing details). And if the map is of the wrong thing, you have definitely wasted your time.

If you are an experienced or inexperienced software architect and wish to learn a practical approach to getting the amount and sort of architecture just right, you should come to the Bare Bones Software Architecture workshop. The course is based around an architectural template that covers both functional and technical aspects of your application. Through hands-on exercises, you will learn one approach to describing and presenting software architecture that you can use or adapt to your needs.

You will be using a project of your own choosing as a case study for the course. Before you attend the course, you should think about a system that you are familiar enough to answer a few easy questions about.


Johannes Brodwall

Дата проведения

15 ноября.


8 часов (1 день).


1200 гривен за участника (обед включен).