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Go DevOps



Lego from Containers

Containers, microservices, cloud read applications – every developer heard about them. We know how to build services to be container ready, how to manage Docker/Kubernetes and so on.

What is often being missed is a composability aspect of containers. There are thousands of ready to use images which, when properly composed, can solve the problems that are usually solved by writing code.

In this talk Serhiy discuss few design patterns based on containers, that allow to reduce the complexity and time to market for your services.

ZONE 3000



100 deploys per day

At Preply we have adopted the culture of quick iterations as a central part of our delivery process. The approach impacted both developers’ culture and organization’s ability to deliver value to the end customers.

This talk will be focused around the evolution we went through with our delivery approach, and the benefits and challenges daily releases have thrown up. We will also discuss tooling around daily releases(CI/CD tools, logging, monitoring), infrastructure(k8s, aws) and the best practices(feature switchers, architecture, ab/testing).

We will also share insights on the role of the performance optimizations to make daily releases viable.

Dmytro Voloshyn

Dmytro has been working as a developer for over a decade and combines a solid background in programming with marketing experience. From 2012 Dmytro, as a technical co-founder of Preply.com, is changing the global landscape of education by making personalized tutoring affordable and accessible for everyone. His CTO position at Preply allows Dmytro to fully realize his entrepreneurial potential and technical skills.

What we’ve learned once processed first 150k production incidents

We develop a software which helps multiple companies worldwide to work with IT incidents. Our daily routine is to talk with them, learn about their incident management and process their data. I’ll tell about insights we’ve got on such a scale. How different companies and teams do it and what works for them.

Matvey Kukuy

CEO of Amixr.IO.

Ex. Constructor.IO, Cisco, Kaspersky.

Geek For Less

Need for testers is a lie

It is a widespread conception that QA resources in the team are a necessity and vast majority of projects place them in their teams – both functional and automation testers. I’ll try to debunk this by presenting examples of two successful projects of different size, domain and using different methodologies that succeeded without having a single tester on the team. Finally, we will discuss a few hypotheses attempting to explain why QA presence is so prevalent and what we could learn of it.

DataKernel : Mastering Ukrainian highload framework

Creating a full-stack Java framework from scratch is a comprehensive and challenging task on its own. But creating a framework which outperforms Spring, Vert.x and Javaspark may sound even above attainment. Yet, the new DataKernel framework proves it is possible. We want to share our experience, and speaker will tell how you about the results were achieved and will bolster them with numerous benchmarks and implementation insights.

Build optimization mechanisms in Gitlab and Docker

For each tool, I’ll describe available optimization mechanisms that help to reduce build times. I’ll analyze their trade-offs, provide guidance on which & when to use, mention common pitfalls and workarounds. The talk is aimed at developers who already use Gitlab / Docker and want to learn lesser-known facts in order to achieve faster builds.

Dmytro Patkovskyi

Dmytro is a backend software engineer at Grammarly with 9 years of industry experience. Previously worked at Ciklum and Amazon. Obsessed with build tools and their impact on developer productivity. Mostly writes in Java these days.

Academic interests: spellchecking and dictionary compression.

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