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Archive for December, 2018

Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast: from small R&D to Cutting Edge, implementing Continuous Innovation

Long story short, every work has its begging and the end. Every project begins with something and ends up at some point. In case we don’t want to follow the stream, – we should create innovations and start new directions. Let’s make a journey and reach all the checkpoint we need to make the continuous innovation happen. Step by step we will solve different cases in the state of uncertainty to achieve our goal being the leader of innovations.

Kubernetes CI-CD Frameworks Case Study

A set of flexible and comprehensive operation principles to cover all stages of a modern application life cycle.

Almost any Customer wants the Setup to be compatible with existing infrastructure. It assumes a Bare Metal, Private or Public Cloud. In special cases even offline setup, for example, Airports, Fintech sector or Telecom operators. The main requirements are: Scalability, High Availability, Security Compliance, Professional Service.

So, we should cover all three tiers: Infrastructure, Control Plane and Application Plane. Market leaders are Drone, Argo and Knative. And our story we called Cloud Flex Framework.