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Bots on guard of SDLC

One of the most boring thing in software development in large companies is following a bureaucracy. Tons of developers were melted down by that ruthless machine with its not always obvious rules. That’s why we decided to delegate all the boring work to machines instead of humans and the talk will cover the achieved results.

Alexey Tokar

Software Developer, Database Administrator in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in software design and software development methodologies based on iterative development. Always seek the purity, flexibility and extensibility of code. Automation addicted. Thursday hater.


3Shape is changing dentistry together with dental professionals across the world by developing innovations that provide superior dental care for patients.
Two graduate students founded 3Shape in the year 2000, and today the company’s fast-growing team of 900+ employees in 20 offices worldwide (Denmark, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, USA etc.) is serving customers in over 100 countries.
Our portfolio of 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions for the dental industry includes the multiple award-winning 3Shape TRIOS intraoral scanner, the game-changing 3Shape X1 4-in-1 CBCT scanner, and market-leading scanning and design software solutions for dental labs.
3Shape has won numerous awards including the Pride Institute Award for Innovation and Technology three years in a row. Likewise, Ernst & Young presented the company with its “Entrepreneur of the Year Award” for innovation three times as well. With His Royal Highness, the Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark, bestowing the company’s founders with the King Frederik IX’s Award in 2014.
We promote a company culture built on mutual respect, honesty and openness; strong team spirit; high performance; constant professional development as a foundation of a strongly motivated and performing organization.
3Shape’s products and innovations continue to challenge traditional methods, enabling dental professionals to treat more people more effectively.
We innovate for superior patient care.


Levi9, кто мы? Мы компания, представляющая ИТ-услуги нового поколения, мы отвечаем за исключительность наших результатов перед перед своими клиентами и сотрудниками. Мы твердо убеждены в том, что открытость, активность и ориентация на результат — основные ценности, которые обеспечивают нам высокую эффективность в работе. Существует три центра разработки: в Сербии, Румынии и Украине, в которых трудятся более 600 ИТ-специалистов. У нас есть отличные технические возможности, глубокие отраслевые знания, для того, чтобы доставить технологические решения в срок и в рамках бюджета. Главный офис Levi9 находится в Амстердаме. Компания работает в соответствии с голландским законодательством и соответствует стандартам ЕС по охране интеллектуальной собственности. Наша организационная структура способствует открытости и прозрачности в отношении обязанностей и ответственности. Наши команды по работе с клиентами, состоящие из технических и бизнес-экспертов, работают вместе, чтобы достичь оптимальных результатов. Levi9 открыли свой украинский офис в Киеве более 7 лет назад. За это время компания выросла в несколько раз, как в разрезе клиентской базы, интересных проектов, так и в количестве сотрудников.



Continuously delivering infrastructure to the cloud

Building infrastructure in the cloud is a different paradigm to that of physical data centers. The infrastructure we deploy today has no guarantee to be there tomorrow. You therefore need to change how you design infrastructure.

In this talk, Paul will look at some real world examples of how to deploy infrastructure to the cloud that self heals and is scalable to withstand 3rd party provider outages. This should help you think about ways to avoid that 4am pager alert.

Continuous Delivery Adventures in .NET

There is a lot of tools to build the continuous delivery solution. Most of them are universal, some are platform / technology specific. Serhiy has been building and supporting various CD solutions for .NET web applications for the last few years. For a number of reasons different tools, products and approaches were used. It was a good experience that Serhiy would like to share with you.

In this talk we will review different options for code review, CI, versioning and deployment. We’ll discuss pros and cons of each, take a look at corner cases and non-obvious features. And finally we will try to choose an ideal (or close to it) set for .NET applications.

Serhiy Kalinets

Serhiy is a professional developer and software architect living in Kyiv. Heavily advocates XP practices and strives to automate everything. TDD addict and console lover. Despite being .NET guy for years he tries to stay up to date with other technologies. Currently helps teams in Steer73 to build cool products.


Continuous Delivery with Drone

Hi! My name is Vadim and my presentation will cover a rather young but very promising Continuous Delivery platform named Drone. I will also share some experience of using the platform in our company. The project has already outranked Jenkins on GitHub and is currently under active development. The main features of the platform, that are available out-of-the-box include the following:

* Each build step is completely isolated and is executed in a separate Docker container;
* Pipeline as a code approach (no need to install dependencies and configure CI-server manually);
* Language-agnostic plugins to extend the platform functionality.

Vadim Homchik

CTO, Enterprise Architect, Software Engineer, Technical Consultant. Over 13 years of experience in software development. His core interests include software architecture and business processes automation. Loves to solve unusual technical problems and eliminate bottlenecks. Always in constant search for new approaches and technologies. Has extensive development experience with the use of Java, Node.js and Go. He also acts as inspirer of applying Agile practices in software localization (continuous localization).



Technical backlog for non-functional requirements

Usually, business focuses only on features, as result only functional requirements are defined. Development team should be more proactive with non functional requirements, because business don’t have required knowledge and expertise. For it is better to use an additional tool such as technical backlog.

Nikita Galkin

System Architect of high load projects at GlobalLogic. Overall 10 years of work experience in different areas of software development. Loves and knows how make developers and business happy. Believes that Software is easy, People are hard.

Transformation practices

When the team is shifting to product development style, leader (or manager) faces typical problems. And for many years of building and transforming teams, each leader compose sets or frameworks of practices that allow him to succeed. I want to talk about typical problems and practices of their solutions: about product mindset and design thinking, about mentality and legacy, about evolution or revolution of development processes, about architecture and refactoring, about testing and delivery, coding and support. With each of these areas the leader lives every day in “cheek to cheek” mode and solving transformation problems. Hope my experience will helpful for you.

Docker as a key to success in deployment of large-scale IoT environment

I would like to share our story and experience in deployment process migration of hundreds IoT devices from semi-manual to fully automated with Docker. In addition I will demonstrate some useful open-source projects, that could help you remotely monitor and interact with applications inside Docker containers.

Andrii Tararaka

Lead Software Engineer at EPAM Systems. Over 10 years of experience in software development. The biggest fan of idea that nowadays programming can be easy and fun, instead of the hardcore coding and re-inventing the wheel.

Top-10 fails on real highload project

In this talk I’m going to present experience, that I have achieved together with my team through pain on real highload project with millions of users. I will cover 10 hot stories:

– wrong selection of id algorithm, that almost led to closing of project and wasting of 2 years of development;
– fighting with over, over, overloaded MySql servers when turning replication on kills server;
– cleaning of partitions in MySql that caused server outage;
– HTML coder that changed design and instigated downtime for 4 hours;
– lack of knowledge of internal logic of Redis costs $50k;
– adding and removing servers from Memcahced pool starts full cache invalidation;
– fix of test and millions lost emails after that;
– release of one projects crashed another project;
– the biggest fail in design of message broker.

Dmitry Menshikov

CTO at Aurora Technologies with 15 years of experience in software development. Dmitry has built highload systems for 7 years, has successfully used 15 languages and tens of technologies from start of his career. Retired gray hat and prior member of cybersecurity team with top places in worldwide contests, ACM participant in the past. Now he mostly teaches and mentors people to become engineers and C-level guys.

Your tests will ask you to repeat. Scalable immutable Selenium infrastructure.

Once any company get WebDriver tests, or applications utilizing the WebDriver protocol, engineers of this company should think about stable Selenium infrastructure. But usually setting of scalable and really stable Selenium Grid becomes a nightmare for months. More than that, this process usually can’t be reproduced in local environment. This talk will be about the tool, named Selenoid, which brings ability to setup scalable immutable Selenium infrastructure utilizing containers even on your laptop.

Kirill Merkushev

Automation man with 6 years of experience in development and automated testing of big applications. Open source fan, an active contributor to a lot of small test libs. Now maintains Jenkins GitHub plugin and tries to contribute to golang projects.

Move Fast and Consumer Driven Contract Test Things

At SoundCloud, we’ve found that teams move faster when we’ve moved away from a monolith architecture to one based around microservices. Unfortunately, this new type of architecture has been prone to cascading failures when breaking changes go unnoticed in one of our services’ API’s. These failures have had a devastating impact on our system’s uptime, but we’ve found that we can mitigate some of this risk by introducing consumer driven contract tests.

Consumer driven contract tests allow each consumer service and client to define their expectations and interactions with each provider service upstream, and for provider services to verify all of these contracts as part of their build pipeline. Breakage avoided.

In this talk we’ll go through SoundCloud’s process of breaking the monolith into microservices, then see how PACT-based contract tests were introduced, and discuss some of the challenges of adopting such tests in an already-established microservices culture.

Alon Peer

Alon Peer joined SoundCloud in 2015 as a backend software engineer where he helps to build and scale micro-services, and usually responds to code reviews with “should probably add a test for that”. On his free time, Alon dances Lindy Hop Swing, and negotiates a peace treaty between his cat and dog.

IF IT Cluster


Microservice resilience testing with Docker & Pumba

In addition to brief overview of well known approaches for resilience testing Oleksii will share his own experience along with practices, methodologies and tools, that Oracle UGBU applies for resilience testing of Java microservices.

Docker and Pumba will be used for live demo session. Following topics will be covered in details:

– how to do an automated testing of self-healing ability of the distributed system;
– how to analyze the behavior of the system when certain nodes are not available or latency has increased.

Oleksii Krutilko

Seasoned IT professional with almost a decade of professional experience in commercial software development. Oleksii has a solid background in Performance Analysis and QA Automation. Worked for ABSoft, Comodo, Opower, DataArt, Oracle.

Building with Terraform

Waisting your time with Configuration Managers? Bored with Ansible or fucked up with Chef? Try new DSL… yaml, yaml, yaml.. Terrrrrific Terraform! Describe what you want and this stuff will bring it on! Spend your time on porn, not on building environments! 😉

FRP: What does “declarative” mean

Despite the fact that programming has been improved dramatically for last years, we’re still experiencing the same problems as 10 years ago.

Modern garbage collectors, smart pointer, thread dispatchers have made developer’s life much easier… Almost made…

Although the deadlocks, race conditions, memory leaks and random crashes occur less often than ever before, the time we waste on solving each issue is getting more and more.

In my talk, I’ll introduce different (very old actually) look at programming: the declarative paradigm. And it’s not about “how to use it properly and get the problems above rid off”. It’s about “how to think to use it properly”.

On real examples, I’ll explain how we can interpret imperatively written code into “Graph of dependencies” and then convert it to declarative FRP style. It’s not only about the “states”. It’s about sequences of operations also. I’ll introduce some patterns of asynchronous programming like Future and Stream (aka Signal) and explain how effectively they may work.

Peter Ovchinnikov

Peter loves when innovations are becoming a part of our life. Thus, working closely with startups, he is bringing new approaches, new ideas and new technologies to the world. As leader of Mobile department of Crossroad Labs, he successfully released several startups, one of them (Cool Cousin) has become quite popular across the traveler’s.

Metrics: howto (for ops and dev)

From this talk you will understand what metrics are important, how to create perfect alerts, why do you need to spend your time on building metrics. Also we will review in this talk some math, visualizations and cross team communication hacks.

Devops Pro Moscow


DevOps Дефлопе

Think in events

Tired of fancy abstractions without actual down to earth implementation? In this talk we will go through some benefits of having event-sourced model on a real example. This is full-time live coding and we will start from a simple Spring Boot based OOP application and turn it upside down with events. Basic knowledge about DDD and/or OOP is welcome!

Jakub Pilimon

Software Developer, Trainer @ ‎Bottega IT Minds, DZone’s Most-Valuable Blogger. Passionate programmer with 7 years of experience. DDD, TDD and architecture are his main areas of interest. When Jakub doesn’t program he runs a DDD/architecture training, rides motorbike, grows his beard. He has DZone MVB awarded blog: pillopl.github.io.


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