Only one month left before XP Days Ukraine 2013 conference. Traditionally it is divided on training days (October 9-10) and conference days (October 11-12). We decided to remain number of stages the same as previous year, so it was quite hard to choose the most interesting talks for final program. Here are top hot topics of this year.

XP practices usage experience reports

Everyone knows that XP practices are very halpful and allow to develop products with higher level of control over technical aspects of development process. But in practice their usage is not so simple. That is why we think experience reports from different domain areas are so important.

  • Paweł Lipiński will share his experience of XP usage in Java teams and describe practices, tools and approaches, that made these teams more productive.
  • Vadim Gerasimov and Andrei Solntsev will present a story of XP usage in very unusual area – in banking development. This is success story – their product is on of top internet-banking systems in Russia.
  • Dmytro Mindra will talk about XP usage in real world using as a sample his current company making 3D game engine. This talk will be about distributed team, that successfully works together and depelops high quality product.


DevOps is relatively new trend in software development. Some people think this is the next buzzword that has nothing new or useful under the hood. But others say this is the future of software development. So this topic is must have for our conference.

Database evolution in Agile projects

Don’t forget that database is important part of almost every product. Agile methodologies say us about flexible/adaptive/evolutionary design and architecture. But what about database? How to evolve it in parallel with the codebase? These are very important questions and not so many people know correct answers. This is why we decided to include this topic.

Testing and code quality

It is hard to get high code quality without testing and controlling quality metrics. We think these processes need much more attention in modern development processes.

Engineering practices and tools for them

We chose some improtant engineering practices and invited experts to share their knowledge and experience in them.

Such program is waiting for participants this year. There will also be talks about architecture in Afile, importance of Tech Lead role and many others. Only small changes are still possible in the program.

Less than 100 tickets remain. It means more than 200 participants was already joined us. Register now and don’t miss this great event!