Alexander Akbashev

Alexander Akbashev

Sr. DevOps Engineer at HERE Technologies, Germany

In the past Lead QA/Performance Engineer in Allods Team ( Games). Current position is Sr.DevOps Engineer in HERE Technologies, Central Continuous Integration team. The main focus of this team is scaling CI solution across the several hundreds of developers.

Maintainer of several plugins for Jenkins:

* S3 Plugin
* Build Rotator Plugin
* FluentD Plugin
* Groovy Event Listener Plugin

Active contributor, fixed several performance and stability issues in Jenkins eco-system (Jenkins Core, EC2 Plugin, Timestamper Plugin, Parameterized Trigger Plugin, Build Failure Analyzer Plugin, Gerrit Trigger Plugin, xUnit Plugin, etc.).

Speaker's activity

How to scale single Jenkins master up to 140k builds per day



According some rumors “Jenkins is too slow” or “Jenkins scales only for small teams”, but as usually it’s not the case. At least we was able to build the CI System that runs up to 1500 builds at once using only open source components. In my talk I will cover all steps that we did to achieve that number.