Valerii Moisieienko

Valerii Moisieienko

Senior Applications Engineer at Oracle UGBU, Ukraine

As Senior Application Engineer at Oracle UGBU, Valerii develops an energy report generation platform. His interests lay in big data\highload system design and implementation.

Oracle Certified Professional, MapR Certified HBase Developer.

Speaker's activity

Can you keep a secret?



Every enterprise system has tons of sensitive data like database passwords or third-party API keys. Quite often people store this data openly in internal repositories, continuous integration pipeline or configuration managements systems. Oracle has strict security rules. A pleiad of our Dropwizard based microservices keeps their secrets in HashiCorp Vault. In this talk I am giving an overview on how we have integrated the Vault into our infrastructure, what practices and conventions we are following. I will show by example how you can build your own policies and move your secrets to the Vault.